September 15, 2010

The one benefit of reading through & digitally transcribing this book for the blog is that I can see where I've left holes all these years. The blog is called "Letters to Him" and I'll launch it soon now that everything is backlogged. What? It's 2010... privacy doesn't exist anymore. Ok, my real reason for doing this is so that I might be able to inspire someone else to start writing to their future spouse. Clearly, I think it's a good idea and I really believe it'll make a difference for us in the long-run.

In reading through this, I realized there isn't a lot of things that are about who I am vs. only what I think/feel... especially post-high school. So here we go, a fact finding page for Gabby at 22.

- The last book I read through was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for the third time
- The books I'm currently reading are "The Idiot" (Dostoyevesky) and "Les Miserables" (Hugo)
- I like vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, I like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting
- If you asked me now, I'd want a square cut engagement ring
- I like to sleep in underwear and a T-Shirt
- I want to be fluent in Korean and German, along with English
- I wish I could be a vegetarian, because it's better for the planet
- If I had the money to do it, I'd go build houses in a third world country
- I want to have a baby someday
- Right now, I want to name a daughter Charlotte and call her Charlie or Chuck, and a son Hunter, Caleb or Sherman
- I wish I could never buy a car
- I have an obsessive personality
- The most played song on my itunes is "The Bitch of Living" with 181 plays
- If I could get away with ordering out all the time, I would
- It takes me significantly longer to read analog clocks when compared to digital
- I have never gotten a ticket or been pulled over
- If I was given a chance to appear on Broadway, I'd do anything they asked me to, to get on stage
- One of my great grandmothers was a prostitute
- I still feel like something is going to grab my feet from under the bed when I shut off the lights
- Never move back to where you grew up if nothing is keeping you there
- I get sad every time I hear a reference to NYC when I'm not expecting it
- I could probably make a lot of money on Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to be a Millionaire
- I hate losing at game night
- I won't use incandescent light bulbs, I take them out and replace them

OK- enough fun facts for today.

I love you, madly


Cara said...

so my sister and i came across this blog and i just wanted to say that it's inspired her to start writing letters of her own! from what i've gathered, you're getting a little restless, but i know that whoever you end up with will never have a dull moment, and i hope he gives you the same joy too!

Danielle said...

#1. I forgot that you had this book
#2. These entries are great... I didn't read them all but I scanned through the years and it really brings me back to them. I have always loved your writing.
#3. Why didn't you tell me you put them online??
#4. You should get this published when it's done.
#5. You are an amazing woman, and I have zero doubts that you will find your soul mate. I am praying he will come to you soon, because I know that is what you want.
#6. I read the post about kids.... I told you that you would want to have biological kids!

your sister

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