February 16, 2009

My darling, I'm in a terribly creative mood tonight. Oh no, nothing that can help me with schoolwork or anything practical. More like, I want to move to a Bohemian apartment outside of Williamsburg and make a living as a playwright and cabaret singer, type of mood. I figured you should reap some of the benefits.

Brilliant, I've just succeeded in ripping the cover clean off of the pages of this book. I must remember to get some glue to fix that. Also, my milk expires today. Well, not expires, but its the sell by date... remind me to get more. And eat cereal tomorrow morning. Right.

Anyway, I have a massively strong desire to write a novel or play or something. So I'm writing you well thinking how to start. They say write about what you know, but I've not experienced much outside of the mundane.

Maybe I'm more tired than I thought.


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