July 28, 2008

I don't even know what day it is. Good start. So obviously I didn't write you after swing dancing... well I guess you can consider this "after" by a month or two. I've no real reason to write to you tonight, as it always is when I start, isn't it?

I'm a day or so short of being 20 years old. I know it isn't a huge deal, however, I will rejoice in the fact that I've managed to live through my teenage years, some of which I've managed to crystallize for you in this book. Joy!

I'm a pretty silly kid. I know I say this often, but what other chance do you have of looking at how you viewed love all the way back when you were an obnoxious preteen? It's fairly hysterical.

I've got about 60 some odd pages left in this book, so if my track record is correct, I can last another four years or so before I run out of room. Frankly, I'm surprised I've stuck with it until now. Maybe I'll actually finish this. Hmm.

How have you been lately? I hope well. Obviously I hope that. I'm still curious about you but I guess that's a penalty for writing to a question mark for six years... you get curious. I've noticed that in the last couple years I've gotten increasingly jaded and cynical about things. Maybe part of that is a penalty of living in New York, but I think part's just about getting older and learning.
I envy my sister. She still got visions of some dashing prince coming to sweep her off into the sunset in a perfectly serene fairy tale relationship where everything comes up roses. But me? Well, do you own any armor?

I guess I'm pretty much at the age where you could show up at any time, so I guess I'll have to try to be on the lookout in a positive, non- crazy way. Hm, maybe I AM a bit off-kilter. Makes things more fun.

And, well, I'm obviously getting old. It's like 12AM and I'm about done for tonight. I love you and you'll be in my prayers tonight. I promise, I won't forget you tonight, or ever.


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