February 1, 2012

I've never been a huge proponent of dreams. I know that they are quite likely an unraveling of the subconscious in random streams that keeps us from tying double knots in our consciousness, yet in the last week or two I've gotten several visits from a mysterious stranger... and my mind can't ignore the fact that he keeps cropping up. I can almost never see his face, and I never remember it when I wake up. Every time I just get the same feeling of warmth, trust, safety and contentment. Well, if it is you, please step closer to the lens. Any light you can shed on the situation would be much appreciated. Goodnight.

November 20,2011

I've never thought of myself as a romantic person, but the more I think about this book, the less I can say about it other than the idea itself is quite full of whimsy and ... romantic.

Sometimes I think about whether or not any of this will matter to you. After all, it's kind of insane to love someone when you're pretty sure you haven't met yet. Still, I hope that my words will make you feel special, needed and adored when you eventually read them some day.

Please just know that whether you show up tomorrow, or ten years from now, I've never stopped loving you.

September 19, 2011 (23 years old)

I miss you. I've had a lot of change happen in my life in the past two months and I feel like I'm growing up more. Big girl job, car... all steps in the right direction, but then I look at my relationships and I can't even fathom a possible scenario that brings you to be in the reasonably distant future, much less right now. I've never been a huge fan of delayed gratification.

Everyone keeps telling me how my early-mid twenties are the best times of my life. They say that, but in my head I wonder how it can be the best without you next to me? I know that's kind of melodramatic, but it's there... go ahead and judge.

I want you to hurry (yet again) because you're half of me and the older I get, the more certain I become that we were not created to live life alone. Sharing, fighting, loving, compromising... all of those actions shape and intensify life in a way that solitude just... can't.


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