August 16, 2008

I'm out of Charleston for the summer and back at school. i just finished RA training and I'm getting ready for the semester to begin. And however much I dread it, I know it's coming soon. I'm assuming you're doing something similar? Unless you already graduated. But I cannot tell, can I? I had my mom send this book to me at school this year because I felt like I needed it. I know there were times last year that I wanted to talk to you, but couldn't because the book was far away and all down south and such. It was kind of strange telling someone who talks back about this book. Obviously she didn't read it, but still.

You've got me on a pensive night, dear. My head is moving faster than my pen can but its hard to sort things out too.

I want you around, you know? I want someone to fall passionately in love with. It would be nice to not have to wonder if you're ever going to show up. (I write "ever" like I'm a middle aged woman with 5 cats) But you know what I mean, I'm so curious to find out who this man is that going to complete me so perfectly and excite me so completely that I'll never want to be away from him. Are you ever curious? Or have you not gotten that far?

[prayer preserved in the original book]

Stay safe for me, okay?

"You have bewitched me, body and soul and I love you."- Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice


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