July 23, 2009

I thought I'd have something more important to say to you on the 100th page of this long letter, but I don't. And I guess that is both the charm and the failure of this little book. How do you put something into words for someone you have never met? How can you write a letter to a question mark? I'm giving it my best effort, this is for sure, which is funny, because I can't even guarantee that you'll like what I've put in here. And I know it doesn't really matter, but I hope you really do like it.

I know I asked, a few pages ago, something like, whether or not you thought that a marriage could last with as much passion as it began with. I think I have an answer for you, at least what I believe to be true. At the risk of sounding simple or deluded, my answer is yes. Yes, I think it's possible for a marriage to go on and not only to sustain passion, but to create it.

And my reasoning is simple and probably full of holes, but I feel like its possible because if I love you this much already, without knowing who you are, and if my love can grow and hold on here, then how will it be possible for me to know you, look at you, to touch you, and not to have that love grow even stronger? Because of this, I have faith. Because of this, I'm madly in love with you.


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