September 13, 2010 (22 years old)

You know darling, if you don't hurry things along you're going to make me have to buy a new book. How dare you? This book that is in such pristine condition- and so tasteful, and classic, and timeless. Blue glitter is forever :)

Tonight I was thinking. I might turn this little book into a blog. Maybe not a public one, but it might be nice to have the whole thing digitized where it can last a while, instead of lurking on these crumbling pages. Obviously I will still write to you here, in the book, but doesn't something with legible handwriting sound great?

In other news, I miss you. I haven't had a whole lot going for me since graduation... so now you have a great opportunity to pop up. 22 is a fantastic age to meet a spouse, right?


Blind Mouse said...

this is so beautiful, I love reading your posts! I have the same doubts at times about if and when I'm going to meet my future spouse, but you put it so well. Love you!!

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